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Amazon seeks FCC approval to run mysterious wireless tests that could be related to drone delivery

Amazon has filed an application with the FCC to “evaluate prototype equipment and associated software designed to support innovative communications capabilities and …

Blockchain Technology: What Will Be Its Biggest Bang?

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a potential “second generation of the Internet.” A whole vocabulary has sprung up around it, with an emphasis on key words like distributed ledger, cryptography, and trust. But what is blockchain, exactly?

Artificial Intelligence Will Improve the World of Work

Computers have long helped us with our analytic tasks at work. But new technology options mean we can now work with them in more collaborative and intuitive ways.
Clearly, artificial intelligence is a threat to certain types of jobs, just as automated robots have largely replaced car factory workers.

Should A Robot Be Given Human Rights? European Lawmakers Debate.

Lawmakers in Europe have put forward a rather odd proposal concerning robots.

Soon, artificial intelligence could check your skin for cancer

Stanford researchers created artificial intelligence that can recognize cancer equally as well as doctors. The researchers envision making this compatible with smartphones, putting skin cancer diagnosis into the hands of just about anyone anywhere. This AI could be a great benefit to doctors to help diagnose the exact nature of the cancer.

North American robot orders up 10 percent in 2016

North American robot orders were up 10 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the Robotics Industry Association. In 2016, 34,606 robots were ordered in North America with a total market value of $1.9 billion. The automotive industry saw orders jump 17 percent in 2016.

Blockchain Technology & The Reformation of Procurement as We Know It

It is said that blockchain is the “building blocks of tomorrow”. Growing rapidly, this may very well be the case.

Video Games, Gadgets May Be Good For Teens: When Is It Too Much?

It is said that there are just as many disadvantages to modern technology as there are advantages. Using the Goldilocks Hypothesis, we can find out how much is “just right”.