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The Robots Are Coming for Your Heart

Researchers have developed a robotic sleeve that fits over the heart (well, a pig’s heart at the moment) and pumps like the organ would itself. One day that may mean patients with cardiac problems could get their own robotic heart to kick in if their ticker starts to give way.

Stop Overhyping Blockchain

New wave of the future or over-exaggeration? With 99% of people not fully understand what blockchain is and does, there may have been a misunderstanding of its capabilities.

3 Trends Shaping the Internet of Things in 2017

The Internet of Things is heating up, and these three trends will shape its progression in 2017 and beyond. IoT is already having an impact, but it’s also still in the early phases of its evolution, and 2017 is on track to be a formative year for its progression.


Reasearchers from Northwestern University developed a robot that can outperform the average American adult in a standard intelligence test. The robot can solve the problems just by looking at them. Being able to visually understand, interpret, and then use that data to come to a solution comes to close to being like a human brain.

Homeland Security to Use Blockchain in Tracking Goods & People Globally

The DHS is preparing to utilize Blockchain technology.

Surgical robot makes highly precise eye injection possible

For the first time ever, a team of eye surgeons were able to inject a thrombolytic drug directly into a patient’s retinal vein to dissolve a blood clot. It was a success despite the fact that the vein is as thin as human hair thanks to a surgical robot developed by researchers from KU Leuven, a university in Belgium.

Blockchain Technology: What Will Be Its Biggest Bang?

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a potential “second generation of the Internet.” A whole vocabulary has sprung up around it, with an emphasis on key words like distributed ledger, cryptography, and trust. But what is blockchain, exactly?

Tesla is now testing autonomous vehicles on public California roads

Tesla’s dedication to developing autonomous vehicles is not new. But what is new is the fact that it’s now testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in California.