North American robot orders up 10 percent in 2016

North American robot orders were up 10 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the Robotics Industry Association. In 2016, 34,606 robots were ordered in North America with a total market value of $1.9 billion. The automotive industry saw orders jump 17 percent in 2016.

A grocery store is testing squishy robot hands to pack its bags

Ocado Technology is debuting a new robot with a soft, malleable hand attached to a robotic arm that can be used to grip produce without damaging it. The hand can adjust its shape allowing it to pick up objects of various sizes. This technology has massive implications for the possibility of robotics to displace aspects of the human workforce.

Science Foundation, Carmakers Collaborate on Autonomous Vehicles

Society is on the verge of a major transformation in the workplace that is driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robots and more, Córdova said. The workplace in this technological era includes time spent driving vehicles or controlling other equipment, she said.

Meet the robots that fold your laundry

This home robot has been programmed to eliminate the tedious task of folding laundry, and is able to fold virtually every type of garment. Users can place their article of clothing in the bottom drawer of the Laundroid, and it will firstly scan the item for identification, then proceed to fold it thanks to image analysis.

Brain trauma test to be conducted by San Diego biotech subsidiary

A subsidiary of San Diego’s Aethlon Medical will soon start a clinical trial of a test for a potentially deadly brain trauma. Up to 200 former professional football players will be recruited for the trial of a test for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated brain trauma.

This Miniature Einstein Robot Can Be Your Personal Genius

Professor Einstein is a 14.5-inch robot that walks, talks and teaches science with lifelike facial expressions. He’s designed to be a loveable teacher full of amusing anecdotes, deep knowledge, and emotional responses. He even has facial expressions that can adapt to various situations.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence is to Make Better Decisions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new UI, according to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 report, identifying trends that are essential to business success in today’s digital economy.

Surgical robot makes highly precise eye injection possible

For the first time ever, a team of eye surgeons were able to inject a thrombolytic drug directly into a patient’s retinal vein to dissolve a blood clot. It was a success despite the fact that the vein is as thin as human hair thanks to a surgical robot developed by researchers from KU Leuven, a university in Belgium.

Hebocon: The Best Worst Robot Competition

Building the best robot you can is difficult and stressful. You know what isn’t difficult or stressful? Building the worst robot you can. All the entrants are people who neither have the technical expertise, determination, nor the focus it takes to build an actual robot. Hebocon resulted from the founder wanting to see more ideas that failed.

Soon, artificial intelligence could check your skin for cancer

Stanford researchers created artificial intelligence that can recognize cancer equally as well as doctors. The researchers envision making this compatible with smartphones, putting skin cancer diagnosis into the hands of just about anyone anywhere. This AI could be a great benefit to doctors to help diagnose the exact nature of the cancer.