Microsoft Partners With Tierion to Develop Immutable Blockchain For Identities

Tech giant Microsoft has established a partnership with Blockchain identity startup Tierion to secure sensitive pieces of information on a public Blockchain. The teams are looking to build a Blockchain-based platform wherein anyone can sign data, claims and agreements in an immutable and transparent ecosystem.

Best ski gadgets for 2017: From heated goggles to avalanche airbags

Skiing and snowboarding have moved on from just strapping some planks to your feet and sliding down a mountain.

Modern ski kit features an array of funky gadgets and wearable tech designed to analyze and enhance the experience.

Want Faster Home Internet? Try One of These 5 Gadgets

How do you keep all your gadgets running at top-notch speed? The secret is a new generation of Wi-Fi routers built around “mesh” technology. With a mesh setup, you place a number of hotspots throughout your home (often three), extending your Internet signal’s reach without degrading its signal.

AutomatonRoboticsHome Robots Piaggio’s Cargo Robot Uses Visual SLAM to Follow You Anywhere

The robot is able to follow you around by comparing its own point-cloud map to another map generated by a special camera belt worn by the user. The robot and the user’s belt communicate over a dedicated Wi-Fi network.This allows approach lets the robot track you even if you turn a corner and it loses line-of-sight.

MIT researchers are using AI and wearables to detect conversational tone

For most, wearables are little more than pedometers – ways of gauging how much one’s moved during the day and, hopefully, challenging them to do more in the future. It’s one of the factors in the space’s seeming plateau of late. But a wrist full of sensors can do a heck of a lot more than what they’re currently be utilized for.


Children sit in the same orderly rows they have for centuries, learning Euclidean geometry while being bored to tears. Sure, modern students are glued to iPads, but technology hasn’t done much to boost their learning — at least not yet.

Watch MIT’s swimming hydrogel robot sneak up and grab a passing fish

A transparent, eel-like soft robot might sound like the stuff nightmares are made of, but it’s nonetheless an impressive achievement. The robots built by the MIT team are made up of interlocking hydrogel cubes, capable of inflating when they’re pumped up with water.

Tesla is now testing autonomous vehicles on public California roads

Tesla’s dedication to developing autonomous vehicles is not new. But what is new is the fact that it’s now testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in California.

3 Trends Shaping the Internet of Things in 2017

The Internet of Things is heating up, and these three trends will shape its progression in 2017 and beyond. IoT is already having an impact, but it’s also still in the early phases of its evolution, and 2017 is on track to be a formative year for its progression.

The Robots Are Coming for Your Heart

Researchers have developed a robotic sleeve that fits over the heart (well, a pig’s heart at the moment) and pumps like the organ would itself. One day that may mean patients with cardiac problems could get their own robotic heart to kick in if their ticker starts to give way.